• YL-1L Plastic Extrusion Automatic Blow Molding Machine

YL-1L Plastic Extrusion Automatic Blow Molding Machine

Whether you're a seasoned manufacturer looking to upgrade your production capabilities or a startup seeking a competitive edge, the YOULI Automatic Pet Blow Moulding Machine is the ultimate choice. Embrace the future of plastic bottle moulding with YOULI's cutting-edge technology and elevate your production to new heights.

The heart of the Automatic Pet Blow Moulding Machine lies in its advanced plastic extrusion technology, which guarantees precision in every molding cycle. By harnessing the power of extrusion, this plastic bottle moulding machine achieves remarkable efficiency, minimizing material wastage and maximizing your return on investment.

Not only does the YOULI Plastic Bottle Moulding Machine deliver unparalleled performance, but it also boasts user-friendly controls and an intuitive interface. Operators can easily set parameters and monitor the entire process with precision, ensuring seamless operation and hassle-free maintenance.

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Plastic Bottle Moulding Machine Advantage

  • Die Head Mechanism

    The split flow integrated die head is adopted, without material channeling, and the plasticization is more uniform. The inner wall is electroplated, without material accumulation, and the material embryo is smoother.

  • Plasticizing System

    Frequency conversion motor, hardened gear reducer and high-quality nitrogen cylinder screw, stepless speed regulation, high efficiency and energy saving, stable output.

  • Pneumatic System

    Taiwan Jingi solenoid valve, Japanese SMC pneumatic components and high frequency wear- -resistant cylinder are selected for stable operation and long service life.

  • Electric Control System

    Mitsubishi human-machine interface is adopted, and all parameters can be set, modified and retrieved visually. Equipped with mitsubishi plc control system, the system runs stably and accurately.

  • Automatic Trimming Device

    Supporting cutting device and bottom pulling device, fully automatic operation, labor saving.

  • Servo hydraulic opening and closing, beam arm, four points, mold moving mechanism, servo motor and roller screw. Ball type linear guide, high precision, fast speed.

  • Applicable raw materials: such as PE, PP, etc

  • Equipped with fast screen changing device.

Plastic Bottle Moulding Machine Details

Plastic Bottle Moulding Machine Application

Designed to handle various bottle sizes, the 1L capacity of this machine caters to a wide range of packaging requirements. From small bottles for personal care products to medium-sized containers for beverages and liquids, the possibilities are limitless. The Automatic Pet Blow Moulding Machine revolutionizes bottle production. With its automatic features, it streamlines the process, ensuring consistent quality output.

Plastic Bottle Moulding Machine Specification

Max.product volumeL1
Dry cyclePC/H400
Number of mold head
Screw diameterMM65
Screw L/D ratioL/D25
Screw drive powerKW15
Screw heating capacityKW15
No. of heating zoneZONE4
Output of HDPEKG/H70
Oil pump drive powerKW15
Clamping forceKN120

Max. size of moldMM260X420
Template sizeMM290X400
Mold strokeMM160-420
Max. die diameterMM100
Blowing pressureMPA0.6
Air volumem3/MIN0.8
Cooling water pressureMPA0.3
Water consumptionL/MIN30
Size of machineLxWxH3.6X1.8X2.2
Weight of machineTON5


When it comes to plastic extrusion and blow molding machines, YOULI stands out as a leading choice in the industry. With an extensive product range and numerous advantages, YOULI has earned a stellar reputation among manufacturers worldwide.

Comprehensive Product Range: YOULI offers a diverse selection of high-quality plastic extrusion and blow molding machines. From automatic blow molding machines to injection stretch blow molding machines, the company caters to various production needs. Our product range covers everything from small-scale operations to large industrial setups, ensuring there's a suitable solution for every customer.

Cutting-edge Technology: YOULI is at the forefront of innovation, continuously investing in research and development to integrate the latest technological advancements into our automatic pet blow moulding machines. This commitment to staying ahead of the curve allows our customers to benefit from state-of-the-art features, higher productivity, and enhanced efficiency.

Customization Options: Recognizing that different businesses have unique requirements, YOULI provides customization options. Tailoring our automatic pet blow moulding machines to specific needs ensures seamless integration into existing production lines, optimizing performance, and increasing overall profitability.

Superior Quality and Reliability: YOULI's plastic bottle moulding machines are engineered using top-grade materials and adhere to strict quality control standards. This ensures that each machine delivers consistent, reliable, and precision-driven results, reducing downtime and minimizing production disruptions.

Eco-friendly Solutions: YOULI is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. our blow molding machines are designed to optimize material usage and energy consumption, contributing to reduced waste and a greener production process.

Global Presence and Support: With a wide-reaching global presence, YOULI offers excellent customer support and after-sales service. our experienced team of experts provides prompt assistance, ensuring customers receive timely technical support and spare parts whenever required.

Customer-Centric Approach: YOULI places great emphasis on understanding and addressing our customers' needs. By fostering strong and lasting relationships with clients, we ensure a high level of customer satisfaction, making them preferred partners in the industry.

Industry Experience: With years of experience in the plastic extrusion and blow molding sector, YOULI possesses deep domain expertise. This enables them to anticipate industry trends, offer valuable insights, and deliver solutions that meet evolving market demands.

Choosing YOULI means investing in a reliable partner that offers a comprehensive product range, cutting-edge technology, customization options, superior quality, eco-friendly solutions, global support, and a customer-centric approach. With YOULI, manufacturers can elevate their production capabilities and achieve greater success in the competitive market. Contact us now!

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