• YL-25L Plastic Extrusion Automatic Blow Molding Machine

YL-25L Plastic Extrusion Automatic Blow Molding Machine

Designed for optimal performance, our Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine is built with advanced features to streamline your production process. With its fully automated operation, you can effortlessly produce high-quality bottles with consistent shapes and sizes, meeting the demands of various industries.

Featuring a robust extrusion system, this 25 Litre Blow Moulding Machine ensures the precise control of the plastic material, allowing for smooth and seamless bottle formation. The extrusion process guarantees uniform wall thickness and excellent strength, resulting in durable and reliable bottles that exceed industry standards.

Our Automa Blow Molding Machine offers versatility, accommodating bottles with a capacity of up to 25 liters. Whether you require bottles for beverages, household chemicals, or industrial applications, this machine can effortlessly handle your diverse production requirements

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25L Plastic Extrusion Automatic Blow Molding Machine Advantage

  • Die Head Mechanism

    The split flow integrated die head is adopted, without material channeling, and the plasticization is more uniform. The inner wall is electroplated, without material accumulation, and the material embryo is smoother.

  • Plasticizing System

    Frequency conversion motor, hardened gear reducer and high-quality nitrogen cylinder screw, stepless speed regulation, high efficiency and energy saving, stable output.

  • Pneumatic System

    Taiwan Jinqi solenoid valve, Japanese SMC pneumatic components and high frequency wear- resistant cylinder are selected for stable operation and long service life.

  • Electric Control System

    Mitsubishi human-machine interface is adopted, and all parameters can be set, modified and retrieved visually. Equipped with mits ubishi plc control system, the system runs stably and accurately.

  • Automatic Trimming Device

    Supporting cutting device and bottom pulling device, fully automatic operation, labor saving.

  • Servo hydraulic opening and closing, beam arm, four points, mold moving mechanism, servo hydraulic. Ball type linear guide, high precision, fast speed.

  • Applicable raw materials

    Such as PE, PP, etc

  • Equipped with fast screen changing device.

Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine Details

Automa Blow Molding Machine Application

The 25L Plastic Extrusion Automatic Blow Molding Machine by YOULI finds wide applications in various industries. It is ideal for producing large plastic containers used in packaging industrial chemicals, lubricants, automotive fluids, and more. This high-performance machine ensures efficient and precise production of 25-liter bottles, meeting the specific requirements of industries that demand large-volume packaging solutions.

Automa Blow Molding Machine Specification

Max.product volumeL25
Dry cyclePC/H80
Screw diameterMM100
Screw L/D ratioL/D28
Screw drive powerKW45
Screw heating capacityKW22
No. of heating zoneZONE5
Output of HDPEKG/H150
Oil pump drive powerKW22
Clamping forceKN160

Max. size of moldMM590X630
Template sizeMM600X640
Mold strokeMM330-690
Max. die diameterMM300
Blowing pressureMPA0.8
Air volumem3/MIN0.8
Cooling water pressureMPA0.3
Water consumptionL/MIN80
Size of machineLxWxH5.6X3.0X2.8
Weight of machineTON15

Equipped with advanced control systems, the Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine offers intuitive programming and monitoring capabilities. You can easily adjust parameters such as temperature, pressure, and cycle time to optimize the production process, ensuring consistent quality and efficiency.

In addition to its exceptional performance, our 25L Plastic Extrusion Automatic Blow Molding Machine prioritizes safety and durability. Built with high-quality materials and advanced safety features, this automatic bottle blowing machine guarantees a reliable and secure production environment, protecting both operators and the equipment itself.

Investing in our Automa Blow Molding Machine means gaining a competitive edge in the market. Its high-speed production capabilities, coupled with its superior quality output, will enhance your productivity, reduce costs, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.

Choose our 25L Plastic Extrusion Automatic Blow Molding Machine and experience the future of bottle production. With its advanced automation, precise control, and unmatched reliability, it's the ideal solution for businesses looking to elevate their manufacturing process to new heights. Revolutionize your production line today with this automated blow molding machine and stay ahead in the industry.

YL-25L Plastic Extrusion Automatic Blow Molding Machine


Q1: What kinds of products/services do you supply?

YOULI provides complete customization solutions for blow molding machines and production services for related plastic products.

Q2: How to choose a suitable automatic bottle blowing machine?

Contact us by email, phone call, Trade Manager, Whatsapp, Skype, etc. and let us know your requirement (including the details of the product, production capacity, etc.), We will provide the most suitable solution.

Q3: How to guarantee my funds are safe?

We accept Alibaba platform transactions to ensure safety and equality, or you can visit us, after that you can ensure the facticity of our bank account.

Q4: What is the delivery time of equipment?

Normally, we will complete the production of the machine within 45-60 days after receiving the deposit. 

Q5: How about the after-sales?

--- We provide 7 days of free installation and personnel training service

--- We provide a certain amount of wearing parts for free

--- We offer a one-year free warranty and A lifetime after-sales service for equipment

--- Remote technical support and quick response

Discover the cutting-edge 25L Plastic Extrusion Automatic Blow Molding Machine by YOULI. Elevate your bottle production with this advanced, fully automated solution. Achieve superior quality, efficiency, and versatility for your business. Invest in YOULI's innovation today!

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