• YL-50L Plastic Extrusion Automatic Blow Molding Machine

YL-50L Plastic Extrusion Automatic Blow Molding Machine

Our Plastic Bottle Blowing Machine can produce hollow bottles from 0.3ml to 50L with material HDPE, PP, and PE such as bottle, jerry can, canister, container, can, jar, jug, kettle, drum, barrel and others.

  • Clamp sizes/quantity to match all requirements

  • Easily configured for monolayer and multi-layer applications

  • Single or multi parison

  • Efficient electric drive(s) on extrusion system

  • Part removal and trimming matched to the application

  • The lowest investment cost for high-speed applications

  • Extreme bottle quality consistency

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50L Plastic Extrusion Automatic Blow Molding Machine Advantage

  • Die Head Mechanism

    The split flow integrated die head is adopted, without material channeling, and the plasticization is more uniform. The inner wall is electroplated, without material accumulation, and the material embryo is smoother.

  • Plasticizing System

    Frequency conversion motor, hardened gear reducer and high-quality nitrogen cylinder screw, stepless speed regulation, high efficiency and energy saving, stable output.

  • Pneumatic System

    Taiwan Jinqi solenoid valve, Japanese SMC pneumatic components and high frequency wear- resistant cylinder are selected for stable operation and long service life.

  • Electric Control System

    Mitsubishi human-machine interface is adopted, and all parameters can be set, modified and retrieved visually. Equipped with mits ubishi plc control system, the system runs stably and accurately.

  • Automatic Trimming Device

    Supporting cutting device and bottom pulling device, fully automatic operation, labor saving.

  • Servo hydraulic opening and closing, beam arm, four points, mold moving mechanism, servo hydraulic. Ball type linear guide, high precision, fast speed.

  • Applicable Raw Materials

    PE, PP, etc

  • Equipped with fast screen changing device.

  • Auxiliary Equipments

    Auxiliary equipment for the production line is available and optional, please kindly ask for a quotation. Additional customizations as per customer's requirement.

  • After-sales Service

    Technical Training, Installation Guidance, Quality Assurance

50L Plastic Extrusion Automatic Blow Molding Machine Details

50L Plastic Extrusion Automatic Blow Molding Machine Application

The 50L Plastic Extrusion Automatic Blow Molding Machine is designed for high-volume production. It caters to a wide range of applications, including large containers, industrial drums, and more(such as chemical drum, chemical barrel, chemical tank, chemical container, chemical jerry can, chemical jerrycan, blue open top drum, water chemical storage drum). Experience efficiency and precision in large-scale plastic bottle manufacturing with this advanced pet bottle manufacturing machine.

50l Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine Specifications

Max. product volumeL60
Dry cyclePC/H30
Screw diameterMM100
Screw L/D ratioL/D28
Screw drive powerKW55
Screw heating capacityKW30
No. of the heating zoneZONE5
Output of HDPEKG/H150
The oil pump drives the powerKW22
Clamping forceKN220
Max. size of moldMM750X850
Template sizeMM900X950
Mold strokeMM320—900
Max. die diameterMM400
Blowing pressureMPA0.8
Air volumem3/MIN0.8
Cooling water pressureMPA0.3
Water consumptionL/MIN80
Size of machineLxWxH5.8X3.0X4.5
Weight of machineTON11

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