How YUHUAN YOULI's Blow Molding Machines Help Produce Daily Chemicals

Blow molding is a process of forming hollow plastic parts by inflating a heated plastic tube inside a mold. Blow molding machines are the equipment that perform this process. They can produce various shapes and sizes of plastic containers, such as bottles, barrels, cans, etc.


One of the applications of blow molding machines is to produce daily chemicals, such as shampoo, detergent, liquid soap, etc. These products require high quality, hygiene and safety standards. Therefore, the blow molding machines used for this purpose need to have advanced features and functions.

Shampoo Bottle Making Machine

YUHUAN YOULI INTELLIGENT EQUIPMENT CO LTD (hereinafter referred to as YOULI) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of blow molding machines, suction molding machines and other rubber and plastic equipment. It has a number of national patents and independent intellectual property rights. It is one of the leading manufacturers of rubber and plastic equipment in China.


In the world of daily chemical production, innovation and efficiency are paramount. YUHUAN YOULI, a leading manufacturer of blow molding machines, has been at the forefront of this industry for years. Their state-of-the-art Detergent Bottle Blow Molding Machine and Shampoo Bottle Making Machine have been game-changers, streamlining the production of essential daily chemical products.

★The Detergent Bottle Blow Molding Machine: 

Precision Molding: YUHUAN YOULI's Detergent Bottle Blow Molding Machine is designed with precision in mind. Its advanced technology ensures that every detergent bottle produced is of consistent quality, meeting the stringent standards of the industry.

Versatile Design: What sets YUHUAN YOULI's machine apart is its versatility. It can produce detergent bottles of various sizes, shapes, and designs, giving manufacturers the flexibility they need to meet changing market demands.

High Production Capacity: This machine is engineered for efficiency. Its high production capacity means that manufacturers can churn out detergent bottles in large quantities, reducing production time and costs.

The Shampoo Bottle Making Machine:

Innovative Design: YUHUAN YOULI's Shampoo Bottle Making Machine is a testament to innovation. It allows manufacturers to create intricate and eye-catching shampoo bottle designs that stand out on store shelves.

Material Efficiency: This machine optimizes material usage, reducing waste and contributing to a more sustainable manufacturing process. It is a step forward in environmentally conscious production.

Ease of Operation: The Shampoo Bottle Making Machine is designed for ease of operation. Its user-friendly interface and automation features make it accessible to both experienced and novice operators.

YOULI's blow molding machines are suitable for producing daily chemicals, such as shampoo bottles. These bottles are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) material, which is transparent, durable and recyclable. They can have different shapes and sizes according to customer’s requirements.


YOULI's blow molding machine Specification

◎ 0.5ML Bottle Blowing Machine

◎ 3ML Bottle Blowing Machine

◎ 1L Bottle Blowing Machine

◎ 2.5L Bottle Blowing Machine

◎ 5L Bottle Blowing Machine

◎ 12L Bottle Blowing Machine

◎ 25L Bottle Blowing Machine

◎ 50L Bottle Blowing Machine

◎ 5 Gallon Blow Molding Machine

With the daily chemical industry witnessing a surge in demand for products like detergents and shampoos, YUHUAN YOULI's blow molding machines are playing a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless supply chain. The machines' ability to produce high-quality bottles at a rapid pace is instrumental in meeting consumer needs.

YOULI's blow molding machines have the following advantages for producing daily chemicals:


◎High efficiency and energy saving: The machines adopt servo motor control technology, which can achieve precise and stable movement, reduce energy consumption and improve production efficiency.

◎Intelligent control: The machines have a PLC touchscreen control system, which can set and adjust various parameters, such as temperature, pressure, speed, etc., according to different products and molds. The system can also monitor and display the production status and fault alarm in real-time.

◎Stability and reliability: The machines have high-quality components and parts, such as hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, electrical systems, etc., which ensure the smooth operation and long service life of the machines.

◎Easy operation: The machines have a simple structure and design, which makes them easy to operate and maintain. The mold changing time is short and the operation cost is low.

YOULI has cooperated with many customers in the daily chemical industry, such as Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Liby Group, etc. YOULI has provided them with several blow molding machines for producing shampoo bottles. The machines have been running well and have met the customer’s requirements for quality and quantity. In today's world, sustainability is a priority for both manufacturers and consumers. YUHUAN YOULI's commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing practices is reflected in the efficiency of their blow molding machines. These machines not only optimize material usage but also contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of daily chemical production.

Detergent Bottle Blow Molding Machine

YUHUAN YOULI's Detergent Bottle Blow Molding Machine and Shampoo Bottle Making Machine have undoubtedly reshaped the daily chemical production landscape. Their precision, versatility, and sustainability features make them indispensable tools for manufacturers striving to meet market demands while embracing responsible manufacturing practices. As the daily chemical industry continues to evolve, YUHUAN YOULI remains a trusted partner, providing innovative solutions for a cleaner, more sustainable future.

YOULI is committed to providing customers with efficient, energy-saving, intelligent and environmentally friendly rubber and plastic solutions. It welcomes new and old customers, partners, industry colleagues and media friends to visit its factory in Yuhuan City, Zhejiang Province, and witness the performance of its blow molding machines. YOULI is confident that its products will bring more value and benefits to its customers and society.

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